Working with African Diaspora Families

This toolkit is for anyone who is part of the social care workforce who wants to deliver best practice to African Diaspora children and families. We have made this resource because workers have told us that they need knowledge and practice ideas to support them in their work. It might be that you are reading this in order to develop your practice, in advance of working with a family. Or, perhaps you have begun the journey with a family and are looking for support. Whatever point you are at, the information and tools in this resource are tailored to the needs of social workers; but there are valuable insights for anyone involved in the support and care of children and young people from African Diaspora backgrounds, or other minoritised groups.

This toolkit explores obstacles faced by African Diaspora families and the workforce, shedding light on potential solutions. Some of the tools are for practitioners to use on their own, or with colleagues. Others can support conversations and relationship building with children, young people and their families.

This resource is rooted in the understanding that social work practitioners are expert in their ability to implement child protection processes, and does not replace or advise child protection guidance and best practise. Your professional practise, alongside Child Protection guidance and best practise, will inform your approach.