Our Story

Our vision and mission

VISION an inclusive and equal Scotland where all communities are empowered as equal responsible citizens achieving their potential in advancing Scottish life at all levels”. MISSION  We are devoted to empowering the diverse ethnic and cultural minorities in Scotland through inspiring and fostering participative democracy, equality, and active citizenship for all”.

Our Strategic objectives are to:

  • To advance citizenship and democratic participation across all communities in Edinburgh and Lothians by working to remove barriers (language, discrimination, exclusion) through promoting equality, diversity and active citizenship.
  • To tackle inequalities faced by Black African communities Living in Edinburgh and the Lothians
  • To promote racial harmony among the diverse communities that make up multi-cultural Scotland through empowering communities to become active citizens, tackling isolation and promoting integration.
  • To advance education through a programme of activities that will reach whole families to encourage engagement and participation in education and training

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