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An organisation that works to empower Ethnic minority communities in Edinburgh & the Lothians with various projects including advocacy. Our advocacy service aim to provide information and advice and is specifically tailored towards ethnic minority communities. The service is free, independent and confidential. Our advocates’ helps clients express their wishes, feelings and choices, and can secure their right to be involved in making decisions that concern them.

Passion4Fusison is aware of difficulties some populace of ethnic minorities experience as some have moved from their country to settle into Scotland. Systems are complex and can be confusing for someone attempting to invest in a new environment that they call home. As an organisation, Passion4Fusion has a duty to involve clients in all decisions made about their issues, no matter how complex their needs are. Referrals are received from agencies although clients can self refer at present.


Our commitment

We are committed to having a structured and fair system which makes the best use of limited resources to offer clients access to high quality services to meet their support needs in a personalized way.


Some of the key principles in achieving this are:

* Encouraging people to be as independent as possible, drawing on their personal, family and community resources

* Ensuring value for money for all services, while maintaining service quality and a focus on achieving defined outcomes for the clients

* Ensuring fairness across a range of needs

* Working in partnership with other relevant agencies to ensure a coordinated service

* Developing commissioning plans based on robust analysis of local need and understanding of our provider markets


One-To-One Advice

Our specialist P4F advice workers offer one-to-one with our client group helping them overcome barriers to accessing the services that they are entitled to. Passion4Fusion advisers regularly deal with enquiries around immigration, welfare benefits, housing, respite, child protection and much more. Their aim is to make the service as accessible as possible and frequently visit clients in their own homes when this is required.


A valued workforce

All staff and volunteers working directly for passion4fusion and those within provider agencies will understand our vision and commitment to empowerment.

We will work with staff and partners to develop methods of sharing good practice, ensuring seamless, joined up services which empower clients, challenge staff and providers to meet needs in increasingly person-centered and creative ways.



Information and communications between you and P4F is kept confidential unless information leads us to believe you or someone else may be at risk of serious harm or abuse, or assisting a serious criminal offence – or if there is a court order for disclosure. During our initial contact, we will make you aware of this.


Reviews from some of the clients (Names changed)

‘Without Passion4Fusion, my life was spiralling out of control. Thanks to the kind and empathetic staff. My confidence and hope has been restored’ Sarah-Asia

‘Passion4fusion gave me reason to be hopeful and am presently doing something that I love’ John from Rwanda

‘For standing with us during a difficult time when I lost my father and help me deal with the airline that had been unhelpful, I can never thank you enough’ Linda from China

‘What an incredible service. My son has been able to build positive friendships and is doing well at school, thanks to you’ Rose from Scotland

Sarah’s Story (Not her real name)

“My name is Sara. I live in Edinburgh with my husband having moved over to Scotland to study and work. Prior to our arrival, we thought we had been equipped with enough information about our host country until we arrived in Scotland and felt alone and isolated with systems that appeared complicated. We were so low in mood that we thought of abandoning what brought us here and return home. Someone from the church we attended knew of our situation and seemed to have a solution. He was aware of Passion4fusion’s work. He gave us their contact details. Although I was anxious, ambivalent and unsure of how helpful they would be, the workers were kind, empathetic and listened. They made us feel valued and worked with us on our issues each step of the way. They not only helped us with our issues, they followed up to ensure we continued to settle and integrate. The passion and the time they spent dealing with our issues, we thought they were being paid as they did not charge us for anything. We feel indebted and are now passionate about helping others in these or similar situations”.

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