Our Programmes

We have identified 6 key priorities and aligned services and programmes to meet our vision,our mission, our aims and objectives.


Passion4Fusion, being all too aware of the benefits of sports participation for both physical and social/psychological development, have designed Sports programmes through our expertise and partnerships with Key stakeholders over the past two years. We have developed unique solutions to maximise the power of sport to grow young people, impacting on their wellbeing through physical literacy and character.


  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Every Saturday
  • Craigroyston and Westerhailes


Passion4Fusion emphasises partnership growth and co-operative contexts with policy makers, community members, national and local agencies, to meet the needs of diverse ethnic and cultural minorities.

We point you in the right direction
  • Confidential and impartial advice to help people overcome their problems.
  • We are a voice for our clients on the issues that matter to them.
  • Passion4Fusion values diversity, champions equality, and challenges discrimination.


Colours of Africa

We run weekly workshops where we invite experts in various fields to come and share with our young people. From story tellers, to drummers to mask makers its an endless fun and learning season. At the end of the season we invite the public to a grand finale where the young people show off what they have learnt.

Cultural Heritage

At Passion4Fusion we understand that cultural heritage plays a very vital role in the democratisation process of any society. Culture has an important social function and fosters feelings of group identity and solidarity. It is also a means of communicating values, beliefs and customs. It is very important for each group or community to convey and preserve its traditions and shared values. Our work explores intertwining heritage of Scottish and diverse communities. We organise and host social and cultural events and workshops. We use Cultural Heritage as a tool for self-expression and to offer an alternative point of view. In presenting and celebrating a different picture people will be more accepting of differences and diversity in real life which will, in turn, stimulate mutual respect and combat the causes of Sectarianism, discrimination and hate crimes.

Community learning & development

Passion4Fusion offer a whole community approach that enables the wider community to build the values, attitudes, knowledge, skills and confidence needed to develop practices and take decisions which are compatible with a sustainable and equitable society. We do this through our community classes. Parents and carers are key partners in their children’s education and can play a vital role in supporting their child’s learning, choices and chances in life. 

The aims of this service are:

  • To work creatively to improve engagement.
  • To improve social functioning.
  • To promote stability in the lives of clients and their families.
  • To work in an integrated manner with other statutory and non-statutory local services.


Research shows that women from ethnic minority groups have difficulty in accessing mainstream services even when they view Scotland as home. Part of the reasons is that for some, their first language is not English; making it may harder for them to understand the systems of support available or to access appropriate sources of help. Our own involvement with Ethnic minority groups is that women especially are unaware of support services and not know where to go. As an organisation that is passionate about equalities of opportunities, we are keen to continue supporting BME women and help them integrate into Edinburgh and the Lothians.


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