First Tech Challenge: We are going to Cambridge

We’re still buzzing with excitement after getting the prestigious Inspire Award from the Judges at the recent FIRST Tech Challenge UK Robotics competition. What an incredible journey it has been, filled with unforgettable moments and invaluable lessons.

Here are some key takeaways from our experience:

Never Underestimate Yourself:

Even though we were against brilliant schools, the young people felt that the other teams had better resources, more time and their robots looked more sophisticated, We had a debrief in the morning and they encouraged each other to keep their eyes on the prize.

Authenticity Matters: No need to code switch and try to fit in the environment. When they arrived, they started by praying to set the tone of the day! This can be seen as unusual but they stayed true to their values, and it didn’t matter who was around, they prayed and that was a cool start to the day.. The cheering on and the celebration at every small win may have been a little too loud, but that is their culture of celebration and we should allow them be.. As an adult helper, I was feeling a little somehow almost wanting to stop them from being as loud and as excited, but I had to take a step back and let them be unapologetic about who they truly are.

Let’s Talk Through It: The commitment and dedication of our young participants were truly commendable. They arrived early, prepared diligently, and rehearsed their pitches with confidence. Their unwavering determination to give their best resonated with the judges, highlighting their passion and readiness to tackle challenges head-on.

Never Give Up: Admittedly, there were moments of doubt and uncertainty, especially when the adult helpers felt ill-equipped to navigate the technical aspects of robotics. However, through collaborative efforts and open communication with the young innovators, we found clarity and renewed motivation. It’s a testament to the power of shared power, co creation and the resilience of the P4F Robotics team

Have Fun: Amidst the intensity of the competition, our team never forgot to enjoy themselves. They approached the day with a spirit of enthusiasm and camaraderie, making lasting memories and forging new friendships along the way.

As we gear up for the upcoming Champs, we’re filled with anticipation and excitement for what lies ahead. This journey has reaffirmed our belief in the transformative power of robotics and the boundless potential of young minds. We can’t wait to see our team shine…

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