About Us


Passion4Fusion (P4F) is an organisation established to address a growing need to support Ethnic and Cultural Minorities to play an active and confident role of citizenship within the community.

We are a community led organisation run by volunteers and members from diverse backgrounds with great expertise, essential skills and a genuine commitment in youth engagement, leadership, advocacy, women empowerment and equality. All these complement our objectives and enable us to contribute to Scotland’s social justice agenda.

Our Aims & Objectives


To advance citizenship and the contribution of all communities across Edinburgh and the Lothians : by promoting equality, diversity, active citizenship and removing barriers.


To build capacity, develop skills, accessibility and confidence through community initiatives and pathways within grassroots sport and advocacy work.


To promote racial harmony between local residents and ethnic and cultural minority communities through sport, community work and community integration.


To encourage the involvement of ethnic minorities living in Edinburgh and the Lothian’s engage in a range of projects.

Our work

Everything we do at Passion4Fusion is designed to stimulate, promote and assist integration for the diverse communities of Scotland through initiating, developing and facilitating responsive platforms to enable social, cultural & economic participation. We empower active citizenship, skills development, positive life experiences & equality with dignity, respect and pride. We achieve this using various plans, programs & structures.